Will the NBA cancel the All-Star 2021 event due to COVID-19 pandemic?

The schedule has been shortened, the COVID-19 situation is still not positive in the US, making the NBA All-star event in danger of being indescribable.

In the latest meeting of the American Basketball Tournament Organizing Committee, new drafts were released. However, the NBA did not mention the All-Star event plans at all. Likely, this occasion will not be included in the new campaign program because there are too many risks.

According to the draft, the NBA will start on December 22 and is expected to close before the Olympics kicks off. That means the time to hold the competition will be very tight, while the All-star event will take up an entire week of competition in the schedule. All-star cuts meant more time to host matches, which would please broadcasters.

NBA All-Star faces so many challenges

Besides, COVID-19 has not shown signs of being controlled in the United States. Meanwhile, a big event like the All-star will attract a lot of people from all over America to gather in Indianapolis, creating a new challenge of rules and measures to prevent the pandemic. Even if everyone obeyed the rules, there was a risk of the All-star venue becoming a major outbreak.

NBA All-Star faces so many challenges this year

If that does happen, the players will be affected, too, and the NBA may be suspended for a while. That is a great price for an exchange and performance event. Not to mention the possibility that fans still have not been in the field and held the All-star in an empty football field that is no different from the extreme.

NBA All-star 2020 has set a record for the rating index

Canceling the All-star event will bring a lot of regrets, but sympathy will be made in the current difficult context. Furthermore, the NBA is still able to hold All-Star voting and the players will still receive credit for their efforts.

This will likely be the second time in NBA history to cancel the All-Star event. The last time this happened was in 1999, when the players went on strike, shortening the season significantly. The first NBA All-star event was held in 1951.

All-star attendance is an important statistic for NBA players

It is likely that the number of matches will be cut from 82 to 72. So, the 2022-23 season returns to the old organizational trajectory. With the number of matches decreasing, the organizers intend to keep the Playoffs ticketing format between the 8th and 9th teams as they did this season.

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