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Top the greatest sports inventions all the time

Sports is an important part of the human lives. It contributes to increase better health and mental for people. In addition, it is a joy or a piece of happiness to make more meaningful life. We also can’t deny that sport is one of the best industries with the highest benefits and revenues.

To make these successes, all athletes, coaches as well federations have to try the best. In this article, we will discuss top the greatest inventions in sports. In general, it is a reason to make more achievements and conveniences for everyone.

1/ Motion capture invention

This technology is one of the greatest inventions to capture and record all movements, actions as well gestures during the match. Then it can consult good result for referee about all situations happening.

It’s good to check back all attitude and posture of athletes. Sometimes they can’t explain why they have reactions or stance like this. They base on this analysis to improve experience for themselves better.

Through this invention, athletes also understand deeply about their movements and other opponents, including step and stride length, foot and hip angle. Then they improve personal techniques to reach faster and longer running. It is useful for athletes in sprinters, long distance runners or footballers who need to observe speed carefully.

In a further benefit, this invention can support for better health and welfare in a long term. When running stance or movements can affect directly to joints of abuse in the many years later.

2/ Wearable audio coach invention

It is a good equipment for amateur athletes. Because they don’t have much opportunities to access modern technology but they still want to practice effectively. So, wearable audio coach invention is a great technology for them. They only download the sport-specific app then start using it with sporting disciplines like running, biking, swimming or weight training

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