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Top the greatest sports inventions all the time

In this article, we continue to share top the greatest inventions in sports which have remarked important events in sport growth. With improvements about technology as well machine, pro athletes have reached more achievements, reduced injuries and accidents during practice and live competitions. Therefore, we should know about these inventions as if perfect improvement in the human life.

3/ The ball in cricket

Cricket is a new team sport but it is welcomed warmly by almost the young. This sport is more interesting to push muscles and tone strongly and powerfully. But do you know history of cricket ball?

Although the former- soccer has reached success and spreading to the world, the ball in cricket was kept the maintained the initial design since 1780. It was special and creative in another way, compared football ball. Someone said that it was a good improvement with alarming regularity.

It was designed by Dukes of Kent with 5.5 ounces of cork, four quarters of leather on cover. This cricket ball has been kept and used for until now without any innovation. It also means that the initial design was perfect.

4/ Studded boots

This improvement has been served for baseball players when they have to run in the studs gripping pitch.

The first invention of studded footwear was in 1526 to use for the King. Then the King agreed to make football boots for players in games. It was better for players to protect their leg and foot in a long time in the pitch. But design of first studded footwear was extremely simple.

Until the 19th century, the football and baseball rules made more difficult for players. They faced to accidents about legs so much. As the good result, studded boots were invented to serve for players in the gripping surface of pitch. Then studded boots have new version like spike boots. It is good for their sport events.

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