Swedish athlete almost broke the world record for pole dancing

Armand Duplantis took the person over 6m17 at the second dance on February 4, but when he turned over, his hand touched the bar.

Before the tournament in Dusseldorf, Germany took place, Renaud Lavillenie held a pole jump record with a record of 6m16. The French athlete, who won the 2012 London Olympic gold medal, set a record in February 2014, in Donetsk, Ukraine. Six years later, Armand Duplantis nearly surpassed his senior’s record of 1cm, at the second jump in the World Athletics Indoor Tour.

Armand Duplantis jumped 6m17

Duplantis, 20, is a famous Swedish pole dancer. He was born in the United States and won gold in the European Championship in 2018. His best record ever was 6m05, at the U20 World Cup in 2018. At the World Championship in October 2019 in Doha, Qatar, Duplantis won silver medal with a record of 5m97.

The pole jump record, for about 30 years from 1984 to 2014, was kept by the legendary Ukrainian athlete – Sergey Bubka. He first set a world record of 5m85, then steadily improved in the following years. Bubka’s last record was set in 1994, at Sestriere, Italy at the age of 31. It took 20 years for Lavillenie to cross Bubka’s 6m14 mark.

In athletics, pole dancing is considered to be the most difficult to break the world record. In the women’s content, the 5m09 record set by the Russian legend Yelena Isinbayeva from 2009 until now has not been crushed. Conquering the pole jumping records is often made by the athletes when definitely ranked first.

The World Athletics Indoor Tour 2020 is a series of events taking place in one month, from January 25 to February 21, held in seven cities. The competition in Dusseldorf is the third tournament this year, starting from February 4.

Duplantis decided to try the 6m17 beam level when it was definitely the top, after successfully conquering the 6m beam level. Sam Kendrick, who won Duplantis in last year’s world championship, is second only to the 5m80 record.

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