Strategies in basketball you should know (Part 1)

Someone loves basketball but don’t play, they still should understand rules to enjoy matches obviously. The fact, basketball is a strategic game. So, all chaotic in the pitch are complying some principles.

In this article, we refer some outstanding strategies for your reference. We will spit strategies by other positions like defense, offensive or keeper so on.

1, Defensive strategy in basketball

For some teams, defense is a key to win the game. If your team continues to reach scores but you also are lost scores for the opponents, getting scores is no meaningful. Someone says that defending one goal is also successful as you are reaching one goal. So, coaches always focus on building up strong defensive teams to. guard during the game.

According to defensive strategy, we can split into 2 kinds of cricket like: zone defense and man-to-man defend. Per strategy requires different method and expression of player.

Firstly, about zone defense. Per player is responsible to stand and protect ball passing at a specific area. They need to prevent opponents when they overcome their position in the court. If not emergency, they will focus on this area.

Although they are not good at preventing ball from outside or long shots, they are excellent to stop inside scoring. This strategy is proper to apply when their opponents are an offensive team. Once their opponents are weaker in outside, they have more opportunity to stop all passing ball to the inside.

Secondly, man-to-man defense is applied when one player is assigned to follow one offensive player of the rival. They will follow and guard the offensive opponent at any area in the court so that they stop all passing ball to the net.

Besides it, the man-to-man defense can rebound immediately when they receive good situation. This position requires flexible skills from players to complete tasks well.

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