Liverpool vs. Arsenal: dramatic 3-6 lost (Part 1)

Liverpool and Arsenal will decide at 23:30 tonight (August 24) in the final match to decide to top the group in the third round of the English Premier League. In the past from 2000 up to now, this match has witnessed many fascinating scenarios with many spectacular chases.

Super dramatic from late goals

Liverpool and Arsenal are the only rare teams to have won the first two rounds in the English Premier League this season. The heroic letter at 23:30 tonight (24/8) at the “pan of fire” Anfield will decide whether “The Kop” will continue to hold the top position on the chart or will be “London Gunners” usurpation?

Since 2000, Liverpool and Arsenal have met up to 20 times on all fronts, and most of them come from pitted scenes with unimaginable scenarios from fans.

On May 12, 2001, on the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (Wales), Arsenal touched the FA Cup title by leading Liverpool by opening the score of Swedish midfielder Freddie Ljungberg as he dribbled. cross Sander Westerveld goalkeeper before cushioning the ball into an empty goal.

But everything changed drastically in just 5 minutes when English football “prodigy” Michael Owen scored a quick brace with two dangerous finishes in 83 minutes and 88 minutes to bring the victory upstream 2-1. “The Kop” won the 6th FA Cup.

Owen helped Liverpool snatch the FA Cup in 2001 from Arsenal

Arsenal once again hated the goal of conceding at the end of the match against Liverpool as a guest at Anfield in the English Premier League on January 29, 2003.

The most attractive draw of the two teams must include the duel on April 21, 2009 in the English Premier League. Russian star Andriy Arshavin should have been the hero to help Arsenal win at Anfield when setting up a poker game for a North London representative.

But then, just 3 minutes after Arshavin scored his own fourth goal to make the score 4-3 for Arsenal in the 90th minute, Yossi Benayoun successfully kicked in from a defenseless header from Ryan Babel to seal the final. Unbelievable 4-4 results.

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