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Joshua protected four heavyweight belts when he knockout Pulev

Anthony Joshua controlled Kubrat Pulev for most of the match and knocked out his opponent in the 9th half to defend the championship on the morning of December 13. Against Pulev, Joshua did not attack heavily in the first half. He carefully surveyed his opponent and scored with precise left-hand jabs.

The British champions started to explode in the third half. For more than a minute left of this round, Joshua pressed Pulev with a series of consecutive blows that made the Bulgarian boxer fall to the floor. However, Pulev tried to get up and continued playing before the third half ended.

In the next three innings, Joshua controlled the game and dominated the attacks. The British star unleashed many left jabs and precision hooks. On the other hand, Pulev hardly caused many problems for the opponent. He was hugged by Joshua every time he attacked, so the attack also decreased ineffectiveness.

Joshua is dominated by precision hook phases

Joshua started to attack Pulev’s belly in the 7th half. The game didn’t change much, the Bulgarian puncher showed signs of fatigue. He had to constantly fend off Joshua’s attacks.

By round 9, the combination of the left jab – left hook – straight punch was launched from Joshua. When the 9th half was more than a minute, the British boxer launched a chain of hooks, causing Pulev to stun. Joshua continued to push and knock Pulev down for the second time.

Pulev tried to get up after being counted by the referee, but he collapsed completely with his opponent’s straight punch. A knock-out win was recognized for Joshua in a time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

This victory helped Joshua defend four titles WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and heavyweight IBO. At the same time, the British puncher was more certain than his ability to compare gloves with Tyson Fury, to determine the absolute champion of this weight class.

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