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Haas will enter the 2021 F1 racing season with brand new racers

On the eve of the Portuguese GP race, both Romain Grosjean (France) and Kevin Magnussen (Denmark) have made a personal announcement that they will leave the Haas team when the 2020 season ends. This is not a surprising decision after many years of maintaining a fixed frame, the American team needs a fresh wind from the F1 potential candidates.

Haas got a dream start in the launch of the 2016 Australian GP

Romain Grosjean, currently in the 9th full season of F1 career, joined the American racing team since its inception in 2016, along with teammate Esteban Gutierrez. He scored in the first two races with the team when he finished 6th (Australia) and 5th (Bahrain), and finally, Haas finished the year at 8/11.

Kevin Magnussen launched F1 with McLaren and won the podium in the first leg in 2014, replacing Gutierrez in 2017 and with Grosjean helping the team to finish 5th place in 2018.

Haas will enter the 2021 F1 racing season with brand new racers

Up to this point, Grosjean and Magnussen have gone through 74 consecutive legs as teammates at Haas (it will be 79 by the end of this season). Over the past five seasons, the 2018 Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring has been Haas’s most successful run with both cars in the top five, yet they have never had a podium.

Haas signed a new Concorde contract

Haas signed a new Concorde contract, which will keep them in F1 for the next five years from 2021, so they are devising new strategies for the period to come

With the capped cost of just $ 145 million in effect next year and a change in new technical regulations starting from 2022, it’s time to try new and more risky strategies. That plan includes choosing a different direction for the racer when the two current names are no longer suitable to stick with.

Grosjean did a miracle for Haas from the first race when he scored at Albert Park, Australia and he was instrumental in figuring out the problem with Haas’s car last year.

Also, there are signs this year, namely from his body language and the way Grosjean shares his future, he knows his F1 career is coming to an end. It is known that the French driver visited the Mahindra racing team at Formula E and ran a test simulator for the team, proving the possibility of switching to this format in the future.

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