Basic rules in basketball (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share major rules in basketball. As far as you know, basketball is one of the most popular team sports, especially in schools or universities. It makes connective, young, active as well modern for players. So, it is welcomed warmly by many people.

To start this game, you need to remember some major rules. The fact, it’s not complicated. But some regulations are enough to make you headache in the first times. So, following our instructions carefully.

This game is played on a rectangular court by two teams. All players on the court with the same object are to throw ball into a hoop correctly and legally. By dribbling or passing a ball, which team reaches more points in finals, they will become winners.

From the former article, we refer rules for offense team. Now, we continue to instruct rules of defensive team.

In general, defensive rules mean that they don’t have basketball.

The main rule of any defensive player has no foul to any offensive player. They don’t allow to touch to offensive players when offensive players are owning ball. If offensive players are lost or miss a shot, foul is counted for defensive.  

One foul is considered as unfair when it has some contacts or touches to physical body.

The fact, defensive rule is applied for all players under defensive position. So, any player can make foul from defense.

Besides it, all players can’t kick or hit ball strongly by their fist. It should be moved smoothly and fluently in their hand. If not, they break the rule.

Players have no the right to touch ball while it is going down or on the rim. This area is considered as goaltending position.

Finally, all players are subject to follow the same rules although they play other roles in their team. 

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