Basic rules in basketball (Part 1)

Basketball is a teamwork sport which is favorited by many young worldwide. 

When discussing rules in basketball, there are some different in level of play or the location. For example, one professional basketball tournament has different rules from college rules.

However, all basketball leagues should follow some majority of rules. 

To understand more, we will discuss basic rules of this game under the article.

Firstly, object of basketball

To become the winner in game, this team reaches more points legally than another team.

To get points, player will throw ball to the opposing’s hoop or basket. There are some regulations to determine this ball movement is correct, then your ball is accepted officially.

In general, player will get 2 points when a ball is created by three places. Whereas they receive 3 points if ball is moved from the outside to 3 points. In case player make a free throw, they only get 1 point. Only three ways to make points.

Secondly, rules for the offense team

One team is appointed at offense when they have the right to follow as conditions below: 

1, to move by both feet, players will bounce or touch by one hand continuously. If any time, players use two hands to dribble ball, they need to stop dribbling or move by only foot.

The stationary foot is considered as pivot foot.

2, per player has the right to dribble one turn. Then next to the other players in team. 

In case they try to dribble again, their team will lose turn and transfer the right of dribbling for the opposing team.

One player only has the right to dribble ball when another player ends turns and transfers it to him through a shot or a pass.

3, When the offensive team put ball out of bounds, they will lose turn to control ball. then they need to transfer position for the opposing team.

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